When it comes to the kingdom first life, looks are deceiving.

Success as defined by the world is not a very good indicator of a kingdom first life. I would even say go ahead and take it off of your key indicators list. The character of a person matters more. If they were to lose it all, what kind of person would be left standing in the middle of their loss? Before you tie yourself to someone consider how they reached their level of success. Did they use and abuse people? Simply put, look past what they have and try to see what kind of person they are. There are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing. There is a lot of deception used that is justified through saying it is for the advancement of the kingdom.

I can see two major things that satan does in order to attack our faith and character, or entice us in a direction we don’t need to go, and he often uses other people to do it. He attacks our stuff, or he offers us a bunch of bling. You can understand how much importance, and unhealthy love people put on possessions just by seeing that is what satan chooses to use in order to either attack us, or entice us.

When we read the story of Job we tend to emphasize all that he lost at the hands of satan; however, satan didn’t really care about Job’s possessions. He was attacking Job’s character in order to get him to lose his faith and curse God.  The attack failed, Job maintained his character, and everything that he lost plus more was restored to him. When things don’t seem to be going your way, when people tell you that you are failing, when people tell you God won’t promote you because your house isn’t in order, when they make accusations against you, when you feel like you are losing it all, etc just maintain your faith and your character.

When you are willing to lose it all to stay true to God, that is when you have it all. If you have Christ you have everything. Your inheritance is not in stuff, or the approval of people, it is life in Christ.

Then we have the temptation of Jesus. “the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.  And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.” There is nothing to gain in selling your soul. The things of this world are worthless in comparison to life in Christ, and His kingdom. When your hearts are drawn to the things of this world and all of their glory, be vigilant for an enemy could be enticing you. Maintain your faith and character.

Possessions, stuff, money, wealth, etc, they are amoral. They are neither good nor bad; however, how you acquire can be good, or bad. How you use can be good, or bad. How you feel about can be good, or bad. What it becomes to you can be good, or bad. How you present it to other people can be good, or bad.

If satan is attacking you, God will work it all out in a way to benefit you. Romans 8:28

If satan is enticing you onto the wrong path, Jesus is still standing on the right path. John 14:6

God is for you, and I am for you!


Consumer Christianity

I have been humbled in many different ways in my life especially in the last couple of years. Jesus uses the humbling times to change you, and He continues to change me in great ways to which I am thankful. These processes have caused a change in my viewpoint, or maybe just opened my eyes a little wider to consumer Christianity. I have always seen it, but I didn’t always see it in myself, and I didn’t see to the extent that I do now.

Consumerism is always needing or wanting more. Here is a dictionary definition-Consumerism is a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

When tied to Christianity it is the same definition except we say it’s for His ever-increasing government. The trouble with that is His Kingdom is not of this world, and Jesus said we wouldn’t be able to point at it and say it is here or there, and life is not in the abundance of possessions. Yet we use churches as a way to acquire, and we use verses to confirm our consumerism. We go to church for what we can get rather than to worship God, and serve people. Etc. I aim to keep this short.

The kingdom is within. The kingdom is realizing that if you have Jesus you already have it all. The Kingdom is following Jesus even if you were to lose some of your riches. The kingdom is an expression of the King.

The wealthiest kingdom people are those who need/want the least, and are overwhelmed with gratitude for what the Lord has blessed them with whether it be a little, or a lot. The wealthiest kingdom people are those who have no need to compare and become envious.