Important question regarding your spiritual, mental, and emotional health

The question is this….

Why would you be more loyal to people who ignore, degrade, or devalue you than to the people who acknowledge, enhance, and celebrate you?

Common reasoning….They are my family, I have known them my whole life, I grew up with them etc.

Family loves, encourages, celebrates, respects, and honors you. The people that do not do these things are not your family. This does not mean you can’t care for those people, but it should determine who you allow your heart to be tied to.

Don’t allow your spiritual, mental, and emotional health to be destroyed by people who devalue you.


2 things Tuesday! 2 things you can do to live your life Kingdom first!

  1. Never be so busy you miss dinner! The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of freedom, but also a kingdom of order. One application of this is to keep your priorities in order. Your relationship with your Father always comes first, but your relationship with your family should always be second. There will always be too much to do, put the to do list down, and pick up your kids. Take the time to eat meals together, and talk about current realities as well as future dreams with your family. There will be great opportunities come along, but none greater than time spent with your family. Work, and success are not bad things, but they are just things. Your time with your Father, and family is much more important. (read this example in Luke 10:38-42) You can also see an example of the value Jesus placed on His family when He had John take in His mother. John was to be her son, and she was to be his mother. (read it here in John 19:25-27) He wanted to make sure the people that were there with Him in His last moments would continue to walk together as family.
  2. This one is really easy to type, or say, yet very difficult to do on a consistent basis. Be no more like the world, than He is. (John 17:14) We as people tend to blend things. We tend to blend the world view with His view. If we can be more successful faster by doing it the world’s way we like to justify those areas. Sometimes our vision of success in the world is bigger than our vision to reach the world we were sent to reach with the message of the Kingdom, and the Father’s love. (John 17:16-23) His ways are higher, let us be like Him.

Live your life Kingdom first!