Blessing and favor….What does it look like?

What does blessing and favor on your life look like? How do you know that you are blessed, or that God has placed His favor on you? How can people look at you, and know that you are blessed?

I can tell you that the vast majority of people will relate it to money, and assets. Both personally, and externally when looking at someone else. You see someone with a lot of money, and you think they are blessed. You get a new car, you thank God, and post it on Facebook saying you are blessed. We see people living in big homes, and we think the favor of God is on them.

Sometimes it really is the favor of God. Sometimes they are taking advantage of people, and doing things they shouldn’t be doing in order to have those things.

The big question for this post is….Are the people who don’t have the things we normally equate to blessing, and favor blessed? For the people who are doing what God has asked them to do, the answer is 100% yes. Don’t just equate material things to blessing, and favor. God is so much bigger than that.

Sometimes the people who are being pressed down the most are the most blessed. I’m talking about the people who when you look at their life externally it looks like all hell is breaking loose, and their life is falling apart. God’s favor is on them in a tremendous way. You have to be pressed down, and shaken before you can run over with blessing. You have to be broken all the way down before you can be built back up into something new, and better.

When I went through basic training years ago I learned this lesson without knowing it. In the first half of basic training the drill sergeants beat you, break you down, and make you feel utterly defeated; however, it is only for the purpose of rebuilding you into a better soldier than you ever could have been before.

How can you know if God’s favor is on you? Ask yourself….Is He pressing me? Is He shaking me? Is He building me?

In the sermon on the mount Jesus tells us who the blessed people are. He talks about internal growth, not external things. Is He making you humble? Is He making you hunger, and thirst for righteousness? Have you been in a place of mourning? Not I, but Jesus says you are blessed. Those that have been in places where they needed mercy, are merciful to others. Those that have been in places of mourning, comfort others.

If you will follow Jesus no matter what might happen, or what it looks like, you will be blessed.

He is for you, and I am for you! He is only pressing you so that He can establish you!


Is that what you really want?

It’s easy to look at someone else’s life, and want what they have. You want their money, their stuff, their marriage, etc. However, I would challenge you with this question…have you ever looked beyond those things?

You don’t know what they have endured. You don’t know what they have sacrificed. You don’t know the level of struggle they have been through. You don’t know everything they gave up, and made it through to get where they are.

They may have given up most of their time to a job they hate in exchange for their money, and stuff. Is that what you really want? They may have lost a child, and the only reason they made through was holding each other up, and that is the reason they have such a strong marriage. Is that what you really want?

If you can’t endure like they have endured then you can’t have what they have. Everybody wants to be blessed, and live the abundant life that God has in store for you (which is not the same as what He has for someone else), and there is nothing wrong with that. Just don’t be envious of someone else’s life when you don’t know the whole story.

Desire what God has for you, not what He has blessed someone else with. And don’t sign up for a blessing that you don’t have the commitment to carry.