In Philippians 2:3 we read that we should not do things out of selfish ambition, and to look out for the interest of others. Even in serving the Lord, it wasn’t until the last few years that I realized that my dreams, and vision for my life were my own selfish ambition. Serving really isn’t meant to build you your own empire, serving is others centered. If you serve in order to obtain a self-centered dream, or vision you are simply self-serving. Serving is looking out for others at the expense of yourself. Serving Jesus even when it costs you something. Serving others even when it costs you something.

Unfortunately one of the things that I see happening all around me is Christians using other people(not just their money) for their own profit. I think it comes out of a twisted version of the prosperity message. It has convinced us that it is ok to use others for profit, and make as much profit as possible at the expense of others. We tell ourselves it’s ok because God wants us to be “blessed” and have the “abundant life”. We look at ROI, profit margins, etc just like the world does. We try to get as much profit as possible rather than the least it takes to keep growing. Let me just say that I believe God does want to prosper us, but I think that simply means He will make sure we have more than enough to do what He has called us to do. That can be relationships, buildings, money, or simply said anything we may need. The more than is not meant to build your empire, it is meant to help others.

This is what I have written down for myself as kind of my motto….whatever I do I will try to make sure the other party gets more value from me than I receive payment from them. I think this fits what it means to serve better than making sure I get more payment from people than the value I give them.

It doesn’t matter if you are a ministry leader, someone who provides a service, someone who provides a product, someone who goes to work everyday, a speaker, a writer, etc…I think the motto will fit the scenario.




Is that what you really want?

It’s easy to look at someone else’s life, and want what they have. You want their money, their stuff, their marriage, etc. However, I would challenge you with this question…have you ever looked beyond those things?

You don’t know what they have endured. You don’t know what they have sacrificed. You don’t know the level of struggle they have been through. You don’t know everything they gave up, and made it through to get where they are.

They may have given up most of their time to a job they hate in exchange for their money, and stuff. Is that what you really want? They may have lost a child, and the only reason they made through was holding each other up, and that is the reason they have such a strong marriage. Is that what you really want?

If you can’t endure like they have endured then you can’t have what they have. Everybody wants to be blessed, and live the abundant life that God has in store for you (which is not the same as what He has for someone else), and there is nothing wrong with that. Just don’t be envious of someone else’s life when you don’t know the whole story.

Desire what God has for you, not what He has blessed someone else with. And don’t sign up for a blessing that you don’t have the commitment to carry.