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The Kingdom of Heaven is like…This has always been an intriguing and important phrase to me. I have a deep desire to know the Father, and make a difference as I walk in His kingdom on this earth.

My name is Levi Lumm. I am a husband, dad, teacher, pastor, and most importantly a son of God. I have a passion to see the culture of the Kingdom manifest on this earth; that the beliefs, attitudes, values, practices, characteristics, goals, and socials forms of Jesus would become our own.

This blog is just meant to be a way for me to document, and share with others the things I have learned, and continue to learn on my journey, as well as offer my perspectives on ways to apply the word of God in the place and time that we live in. I will be authentic, and transparent as I share in my attempt to live a kingdom first life. It is my hope that it will be relevant, and useful to you.