Deny His name…I don’t think so!

I was recently asked by a public relations leader to open a large event with prayer, and my initial thought was wow what a great opportunity to represent Christ. However, right after that thought I was asked not to say the name of Jesus anywhere in my prayer. I could say God, but I could not say the name of Jesus. They wanted it to be open interpretation for any name.

So I find myself sitting at a table with a group of corporate leaders asking me to pray, but to pray without mentioning Jesus. I told them I wasn’t the right person for what they wanted. I told them Jesus was a nonnegotiable. Jesus was automatic.

I can see how some people may say to go ahead and pray because you know who you are praying to; however, my conviction was that I was being asked to deny Jesus before this group of leaders. I would not and will not do that. I am not ashamed of His name. If I would have agreed, I would have been saying that there is more than one name. There is only one name above all names, and that name is Jesus!

Sometimes it’s not outright persecution that you face, sometimes it doesn’t put you in any sort of jeopardy, sometimes its just a sneaky little attempt by the enemy to get you to devalue, lessen, and deny the name of Jesus. An attempt to get you to ignore your convictions.

Don’t overlook these things, in fact always identify them and use them as opportunities to proclaim His name!

God is for you, and I am for you!

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