My wife asked me a very important question…….

I cry when I watch some movies, and I cry when I read some stories. It’s kind of crazy because I’m not really known as being someone who cries. However, I can easily be overwhelmed by movies, or reading stories.

My wife asked me a really important question one day. She asked me why I cry during these movies or stories, but I hardly ever cry in real life moments. I honestly could not answer her when she asked me that. I may not be one to cry a lot, but I do think a lot, and this was a question that needed to be answered.

It really took me a while to sort through this question to find my true answer. After I got through all of the influences and filters that I have in my life, and got to the root, I discovered that I cry because I am getting the whole picture. If not the whole picture at least are very large portion of it. For example, when I watch a movie where I can see someone begin with less than nothing, struggle, fight, and finally make it, I get overwhelmed. You see these whole lives (or large portions of life) of love and loss, failure and success, triumph and tragedy. I find it to be emotional, and inspiring.

However, in real life there are so many times with so many people that you don’t get to see it all. I may not be moved by emotions because I only see or feel the moments, but that doesn’t change their story. It doesn’t erase their tragedies, and triumphs. It’s all there, I just don’t see it.

We have a very limited ability to look at someone and see the whole movie of their life. We have a very limited ability to look at someone in the moment and see everything they are going through. In fact we can’t.

None of this means I am right to not feel emotions in real life moments. It means I am wrong to not get close enough to be capable of empathy.

So many times we make judgements about people, and we have never watched the movie of their life. If we knew, we could never say what we say and think what we think about them. May times we would be overwhelmed by their story.

Jesus would set aside His agenda because of His compassion for people. I encourage you to sit down with someone this weekend, and just let them tell you their whole story. Cry about the tragedies, and celebrate the triumphs.

I may not know very much, but I do know that how we relate to, and treat other people is very important in living a kingdom first life.

God is for you, and I am for you!



2 thoughts on “My wife asked me a very important question…….

  1. Interesting write up

    I’m similar with emotions. I guess I never really thought about it like you put it.

    My take, is that in reality I build an impenetrable wall that is void of emotions to project strength which over times will make a person so calloused and numb that they rob them self a chance to be emotionally free.

    Emotions are like trash, you can disregard them for a while but if you don’t take the trash out it starts to stink and creates a hazardous condition towards your health.

    With movies or books or whatever, I let my guard down and for 90 minutes I’m free. I think that’s why the theaters are able to charge a premium fee.

    Good topic, be a fun one to discuss around a fire with a nice splash of bourbon.

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    1. You’re right man it would be a really good topic to discuss around a fire. I’m a wall builder myself, and it can certainly impact our health when we hold things in. There are so many things that oppose us when it comes to being vulnerable, and telling our own stories; however, I think there is a lot to gain by working through the opposition and letting people see the whole story.


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