How to live your life kingdom first part 5

If you didn’t get a chance to read part 4 you can read it here.

Up to this point I have written about some practical things that we can do to live our daily lives kingdom first. Today I am going to write about a few things we should not do.

We should not pass judgement on one another. I have issues, you have issues, they have issues, we all have issues. With that being said, why do we come to a point where we think it is necessary to judge other people? Regardless of what scriptures you want to use to justify judging others, turning your back, or handing them over to satan it is counter to the new covenant  message of Christ. We should make up our minds to not pass judgement, and decide to help those that stumble. We should do everything we can to ensure that there is mutual edification among us.

We should also not be inconsiderate in our freedom in Christ. If there is a person that regards something as unclean, yet you know in your heart it is not unclean for you, you should put the other person first, and not be a stumbling block to them. In example, Do not be a Jew passing judgement on a Gentile for eating something that is just fine for them to eat. On the other hand do not be an inconsiderate Gentile and scarf it down in front of the Jew. To act either way is to no longer act in love. Now just take that example and apply it to all of your modern scenarios.

This also applies to theology. We as people tend to think we are the theology police. That we are right, and anyone that believes differently is wrong. This is a pretty foolish stance to take, and it is one that will make you eat crow and humble you. (I have been foolish, humbled, and I have owed some apologies) I can say from experience that if you continuously study the word of God, what you believe now may not be what you believe five years from now. We are all on a journey, and we are all wrong about some things. This is certainly no area to be passing judgement. We know in part, and we see through a glass dimly. We don’t know it all.

Romans chapter 14 covers all of these things.

We should not provoke each other. This entails a lot of different things with the most obvious probably being that we should not provoke each other to anger. But there are many more things to consider in this. We should not provoke each other to envy. We should not provoke others to do something we are doing that we know we are called to do if it is not what they are called to do, this will only hinder them. We should only provoke each other to good works. We have all been commissioned to disciple nations; however, we are not all called to do it the same way. (Hint: do not pass judgement in this area either)

Do not grumble, and complain against one another. This is a big one in the church world. People grumbling, complaining, and gossiping about each other all the time. Acting this way is not acting in love. We are supposed to be hospitable. We are supposed to be excited about and for others. The bible even tells us to greet each other with love, excitement, and joy. All the grumbling, complaining, and gossiping usually comes from the root of us placing ourselves as judge. What would happen if we just made up our minds that we were not going to say anything bad about other people? What would happen if we looked inward and said you know what I’m messed up enough that I don’t even have time to worry about where they’re messed up? There’s a challenge we can all take away from this post.

So we know there are some things we should be doing to live a kingdom first life, but there are also some things we should not be doing.

God is for you, and I am for you!

Scriptures: Romans 14, Romans 16, 1 Corinthians 16, 2 Corinthians 13, Galatians 5, Colossians 3, James 4 and 5, 1 Peter 4 and 5.

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