People, Purpose, Time > profit

People, purpose, and time all come before profit. People are more valuable than profit. Purpose is more valuable than profit. Time is more valuable than profit. This goes against the grain of American society, but it stands in alignment with kingdom living. We are to use the time we have to serve people with the purpose God has given us.

Since my wife, and I have been together we have lost many of our family members. In fact there are not too many people left. So we know the hard truth that once people are gone you can not get them back. We have had plenty of money, and we have been broke, but there has always been a way that we could earn some more money. You can replace money, but you can not replace people.

Purpose brings fulfillment. If you walk in your purpose you feel peace, and joy. If you walk in your purpose, at the end of your days you will feel full. Purpose allows for a life fully lived. If you work throughout your life doing something that makes you miserable just to pile up money, you will be miserable with a pile of money. You can pile up money, but it won’t make you full.

Time is flying, and very limited. Don’t trade all of your time for money. All markets have collapsed, all currency has collapsed, and every government has failed. You could trade all of your time for money, and in an instant all the money could be gone. You can earn some of the money back, but you can’t get any of the time back. Spend your time with your people, and walking in your purpose.

I have gotten myself in trouble looking at profit. I have gotten myself knee deep in things that I had to back out of at my own expense because I was focused on the profit. When I finally stepped back and took a hard look at some of these things, it was making profit at the expense of people. I am not going to be the guy that does that.

These things have always been in my mind somewhere, but I have had to go through a lot of struggles for them to become a part of who I am.

Don’t elevate money to a place it shouldn’t be, it can cause you to miss good times you didn’t know you had. Money is just a thing can be replaced, but your people, purpose, and time can not.




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