From Luke 6

A wise builder dug deep, and laid a foundation on the rock and his house was not shaken.

Foundations aren’t flashy. They don’t display the beautiful modern design, and concepts. Foundations are work. Foundations require blood, sweat, and tears. Your foundation work does not bring you recognition, nobody compliments you on your great foundation work. So why dig so deep, and spend so much time on the foundation? Because life is going to try to shake you, but because you took the time to dig deep you will still be standing when the storm passes.

Everybody wants to skip the hard work, preparation, and pain. Everybody wants to focus on the flash, flair and attention, but these things can not with stand the storm. If you will take the time to dig deep, sweat, fight through, cry, and bleed, when you get to where you are going you will be able to hold it down, withstand the test of time, and you won’t let anybody take it from you.

If you skip the hard work, preparation, and pain only to work on the flash you will get to a place you can’t handle. You may get there, but you won’t be able to bear the storms of where you are at over time. You will throw it down and quit, or let someone come in and take it.

When you have worked for it, bled for it, fought for it, cried for it, learned through it, when it has cost you a piece of you, no devil on another level is going to take it from you. Work, prepare, withstand the pain, and build your foundation now because when you get to the next level you won’t have time. The storm is already there waiting on you; however, a wise builder has no worry because the storm can not shake you.



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