Faith in action

Your faith in action does the following:

Brings understanding that God created everything simply by opening his mouth and allowing words to come out, and if He can do that then He can take care of you in every way.

Causes you to offer God your highest and best.

Causes you to seek Him, and makes it possible for you to please Him.

Warns you about things not yet seen.

Causes you to walk when you don’t know where you are going because you know He will guide you to your promise.

Allows you to know you will birth what God has placed within you because He is faithful in His promises.

Causes you to keep moving forward when you look at what you left behind and have the opportunity to return.

Brings you out of the test victorious.

Causes you to forsake the visible riches in exchange for much greater invisible riches.

Causes you to cast off fear.

Faith tears down walls, and raises the dead. When you look and see that there is no possible way, your faith reassures you that God is in the business of making a way when there is no way.

“Be on your guard, stand firm in your FAITH, be men of courage, be strong.”


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