2 things Tuesday! 2 things you can do to live your life Kingdom first! Last post for January!

  1. God created you on purpose for purpose. Just be you! You will never last trying to be someone else anyway, you can only act for so long. Houses made of cards crumble, and the real you will always surface. Here’s the good news, it’s ok. You will never be happy if you can not walk around, and be the you that God created you to be. There are a lot of people in this world to be reached by you that will not be reached by another, or a persona. Be who you are, and walk out your purpose.

2. Don’t seek the approval of people, and don’t be discouraged by their disapproval. They are both distractions, a waste of time, and temporary. High fives, and hearing great job are fine just don’t let it become what drives you. If it becomes the thing you seek then it can also become what tears you down when you don’t hear good job. (And let’s face it sometimes we don’t do a very good job) The same people who praise you one minute can be disapproving the next minute. That’s fine, that doesn’t change what God says about you, or what He has promised you. The ones that disapprove are sometimes won over, and this also doesn’t change what God says about you. You are His son, or Daughter either way. People’s words are temporary, God’s words are eternal.

Live your life Kingdom first!



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