What is your Value

What is your title? What is your value? Are the two related? Have other people assigned a title and a value to you? I live in America where people love to assign titles, and value as well as obtain certain titles. You hear things like you have to make yourself more valuable, or bring more value to the marketplace, etc. I’ve said many of these things myself, and I will say that many times it is said with good intentions, but I think value may be the wrong word to use. The people of God are not stocks in the market whose value goes up and down as they are traded around. Their value is solidified in their identity as a son or daughter of God. Skills, gifts, talents, and abilities can all be honed, and improved, but our value is precious son or daughter. Too many times value is assigned based on what people do, or the title they carry. (See more about who you are and what you do Here)

In mark 6:3 the people assigned a title and a value to Jesus. (read it here) They said he is just a carpenter, a nobody. They were way off, and so are the people who say things like that about you. (including yourself) You are not JUST an anything, you are a walking change agent for the people and the world around you. One conversation with a person can be the door that allows the Lord to transform their entire life. If we are not careful we can allow the culture around us, one of competition, achievement, status, titles, etc to assign value to our lives. Are you competing for a title right now? Is your highest priority achievement? Are you trying to be looked at as a king and a great man according to a culture other than the Kingdom? Read Luke 22:25-26 here. It is supposed to be different for those that call themselves a child of God. The great leaders are great at serving others. They are less concerned about their own rank, and more concerned about building others.

Titles, and status carry no transformational power. Jesus living through you as you serve Him carries transformational power. As you serve Him, and serve others you get to see lives transformed, and that is an amazing thing. Titles, and status do not always give you the ability to influence people. Who you are is what gives you the ability to influence people. We don’t need to look any further than the workplace to understand this. Just because a person carries a title of manager, executive, or CEO does not mean they can influence people. If they are a bad person, and a bad person to work for the people will leave. However, an actual leader that serves his or her people has the influence to keep people with them even when they are offered more money, or benefits somewhere else.

I believe in order to live a kingdom first life we must serve others. I also believe that when we are faithful in this area our Father will promote us into an area of more influence with or without titles. Whatever you do, and whatever your title is, do it all in the name of Jesus.

Live your life Kingdom first!



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