First blog post

I guess the place to begin is The Lord asked me to start this blog for 2017, and honestly I am excited about it. A lot of this blog will simply be about what I’ve learned, what I am still learning, what I’ve been through, what I am going through, and my perspective on many things. There is a lot to that word perspective, as I may think I am presenting something one way, and others could be receiving it a completely different way. I could say love is like a rose and mean it in a way that love is bright, and beautiful; however, someone else could perceive it as love is thorny and dies after two weeks. That latter part may be a little harsh, but I hope it illustrates my point. I write that as an example because this blog is not meant to be some theological authority, or I am right and you are wrong. My goal is to share in a way that is relevant, simple, practical, and useful. My hope is that I represent The Father’s heart, and that it will make a difference for others.

The kingdom first title comes from Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and he will give you everything you need.” As I watch the people around me, I see people who are distressed, worried, busy, disconnected relationally because they are connected electronically, consumeristic, always pursuing more, anxious, and tired among other things. All of which describe how I have lived most of my life, and still sometimes struggle with now. All of which describe christian people, and non-christian people. I want to live my life with His kingdom first, and I truly believe that if we walk in the culture of His kingdom rather than the culture of our country or world, He will give us rest from these negative things as well as the abundant life. I have a passion to see the culture of the Kingdom manifest on this earth; that the beliefs, attitudes, values, practices, characteristics, goals, and social forms of Jesus would become our own.

Here is to our best year yet!

Live your life Kingdom first!



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